If you manage multiple related collections on Candid and would like to configure import/export capabilities across those collections, this article is for you.


  1. A brand operating in English and French has setup 2 independent collections using the localization guidelines. They would like to be be able to automatically push content from the English collection into the French collection and have this run automatically on a prescribed schedule as well as on-demand when necessary. 
  2. A partner operates several collections, each relating to a specific brand. Each collection has a common set of placement tags used to group media (e.g. e.g. bags, shoes, clothing, for_him, accessories and popular). For each placement tag, they want to create galleries that display content from across all collections. To enable this, they want to create "aggregate" collections that pull media from each brand-specific collection on a prescribed schedule as well as on-demand when necessary.

Setup Parameters

  1. Determine the Connection Type: do you want to Import (pull) media into your collection or Export (push) content into another collection?
  2. Determine the Source Filters: do you want to include all moderation approved media, rights approved media or media with a specific tag?
  3. Determine the Copy Depth: do you want to include raw media, or includes its approval status or any rights statuses associated with it?
  4. Determine the Target Status: after import or export, should the media be in a Pending or Accepted state?

Once you've given some thoughts to the parameters above, contact support and they will configure your Collection Connections. From there, you will see an option under Tasks -> Import/Export Media that will allow you to run one or more of these these tasks on the fly:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to complete, when will I see the imported/exported media?

A: The operation runs instantly and will report the number of assets impacted. Once you see the confirmation message, you can refresh your dashboard and see the new assets.

Q: This works great, can we automate it so that it runs on its own?

A: Yes, this is possible under specific Enterprise agreements where the functionality was defined in the initial setup.

Q: Do I need to be an admin on both collections?

A: No, this isn't necessary, our support team will ensure that both collections belong to the same organization but connections are not dependent on individual access. 

Q: Help! I realized we haven't configured it correctly and it brought in the wrong media, is there an 'undo'?

A: No, but in some cases our support team will be able to reserve the operation.