Speed is a critical factor in the shopping experience and something we take very seriously.

Serving "internet-scale" traffic around the world and ensuring lightening fast response times, reliability of service and consistency requires considerable care and planning.

By default all published Candid displays and media endpoints cache data for 60 minutes (this does not mean that media is copied, it only means that moderation changes can take up to 60 minutes to appear on your site). Product tags are cached for 10 minutes. Both of these windows are configurable. 

To adjust your cache settings, please open a ticket at support@getcandid.com.

Publishing Changes On Demand

If you've just applied a bunch of changes and don't want to wait, there's a command for that. 

You can now instantly purge cached values across 19 data centers using the Clear Cache command found under Dashboard -> Tasks -> Clear Cache:

This command clears all published displays, whether it's your on-site displays or your hosted Instagram Storefront.

You can also purge your CSS resources individually (if you have any UI customizations)using the inline Clear Cache that appears on the right:

And you can also purge your Instagram Storefront individually as well:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt out of caching all together?
Yes, most display plugins and API endpoints support cache:false which opts out of caching all together.

How can view CSS/HTML changes to our Instagram Store in real-time so we can validate our changes?
By default, all of the views exposed from Dashboard -> Preview are not cached. From Preview you can select Gallery to view your Instagram Storefront in real-time.

We've posted an image on Instagram but it doesn't appear on Candid yet, does this relate to caching?

No. Caching only impacts the publishing of changes you've applied on Candid, it doesn't impact the frequency with which new content enters your collection. To check for new content, you can refresh individual streams at anytime using the refresh icon found alongside each media stream.