When you create a new Product Tag, which is basically any visual call-to-action that you want to link media to (commonly these are individual product or category landing pages for e-commerce brands), Candid automatically downloads a set of images found at the provided URL.

In some cases, these images may not be a good fit. To override this default behavior, you have 3 options:

  1. Include better meta tags on Product Detail Pages (PDPs). Chances are that if our system isn't able to find the right image other networks aren't going to generate a suitable preview either when customers share links to your products. Please refer to the Open Graph protocol used by Facebook or Twitter Cards. In general, if other social media networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) are able to pick out the right product image, then Candid will as well. 
  2. Manually upload an image from your desktop. Previously this was limited to 100KB images but that restriction has been relaxed as of October of 2014.
  3. Reference another published image by URL by simply right-clicking and selecting "Copy image URL", as shown below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I'm inputting a URL to select images during Product Tag setup the URLs sometimes successfully pull images and other times do not, especially for category pages. Many times an 'image not available' icon appears. I would like to be able to link to and feature images from specific product pages, how do I go about this?

A: This is likely because the right meta tags aren't installed for social sharing. You can always customize the image that a Product Tag uses as described above.

Q: I can't find the option to upload an image for a Product Tag, where is that?

A: There are two ways to create a new Product Tag. One is ad-hoc, meaning it's created via the + (plus) icon that appears under an individual asset, and the there is via the Mapping Tags interface, where you can use the + (plus) button to create a new Product Tag. The latter allows you to upload an image and specify other settings, the former is a more streamlined flow designed to only accept URLs for quick copy/paste creation.

Q: I previously created an ad-hoc Product Tag, how can I now go back and change the image it's using?

A: Under any asset that's using the product tag in question, click on the Product Tag to filter your view. You should now have the option to edit the tag as follows:

Clicking Edit Tag will load this in the Mapping Tags interface where you can change the image and save. You can also search for the Product Tag you want to change by navigating to the Mapping Tags interface and entering portion of its ID or Label and clicking Search.

Q: Under option 1, where the image was auto-detected, or option 3, where I provided a URL to it, what happens when the underlying image is deleted or no longer available? 

A: If the underlying image is deleted, it will also stop rendering on Candid (subject to caching). However, if you've uploaded an image from your desktop, then we have an independent copy that will never expire.