Serve fresh content with Candid's Community Powered Dynamic Product Ads.

Once activated, your product feed will have a URL in this format:<CollectionId>

Prior to activation, that URL will simply return an error.

How do I create a UGC product catalog in Business Manager?

To upload your Candid product catalog to Business Manager:

  1. Open Business Manager Settings
  2. Under People and Assets, select Product Catalogs
  3. Click Add New Product Catalog and choose Create a New Product Catalog
  4. Fill out the remaining information fields
  5. Decide whether you want to give people access to your catalog and/or pixel, or skip through and click OK
  6. Select your new product catalog and choose Add Product Feed
  7. Choose your Feed Name and Currency, then see below for two more options under Upload Type: Scheduled Recurring Uploads or Single Upload.
  8. Enter your feed details and click Upload

Hands-on Demo (Traditional Dynamic Ads):

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It looks like this feed is pulling all products published, meaning it's including our content as well as community content. Can we remove our own content from the feed?

Yes, there's two options here: you can either use a Placement Tag to control what gets pulled in or do you can configure it to include all approved content minus a specific account? Both settings are set at the collection level via a support ticket.

How does 'Rights Management' work with this product?

Any time content creators lose control, it's best to have explicit consent in place. They lose control when you create a physical copy of the images somewhere else. For email marketing or social ads, you definitely need explicit consent or offline relationships in place (with content producers flagged as "approved accounts" on Candid). Depending on how the query for your DPA is setup, you can include all owned content, all paid content and all earned content where explicit rights have been granted by the content producer.

Can we include different tracking parameters on these URL than the ones used by our on-site displays?

Yes, every one of the Candid displays supports its own set of URL-based attribution parameters. Just email support with these values and they will configure it for you. 

Can we have different DPA feeds for our collection? We have a placement tag for Christmas and would like to activate an a campaign just around that.

The DPA feed handler is fairly flexible, you can simply append &tag=christmas to the default URL above (i.e. /stream/dpafeed/) to match one or more placement tags.