Welcome to Candid

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Candid is recognized by Instagram as an elite platform in quickly ramping up brands and honing earned content strategies while building thoughtful and sincere integrations that celebrate the Instagram community. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our integrations (no heavy IT involvement or back-end integration necessary), our robust infrastructure (fastest response times in the world) and the best value in the field (just ask around and explore the competition, there’s simply no comparison).

We have virtually no turnover and ensure customer feedback and recommendations quickly make their way into the product so that we all grow together in a rapidly shifting landscape. We believe the most important part of our relationship with customers happens after on-boarding and we strive to constantly delivery value and nurture long-term relationships. From a feature set prospective, we're confident we have one of the most versatile platforms in market but we don't see it as a finished product. Our ultimate mandate is to work with our partners to advance the field of social commerce to deliver uncommon business results to progressive marketers that are eager to explore new techniques.

It’s important to note that while we support other social networks our main focus is on Instagram. We believe Instagram dominates the field when it comes to original, high-grade UGC experiences and engagement and their long-term focus on community, quality and the art of visual storytelling set them apart. With the introduction of Instagram Stories, we think they've demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly iterate and incorporate proven concepts from other platforms. That being said, our platform today supports media from virtually any source, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, Vimeo, YouTube, and Tumblr with new integrations added regularly.

This site provides an introduction to Candid terminology and an overview of our lightweight integration process.

At its core, our most popular display plugin, the embedded Candid carousel, is just a snippet of HTML/JavaScript that installs on any web surface and runs in complete isolation from the parent page. Each widget accepts parameters that specify which collection and product tags should be rendered. Installations on the homepage, category pages, or product detail pages (PDP) all follow the same pattern.

But Candid is much more than a moderated social stream on your site. Behind the scenes are powerful curation capabilities that allow you to blend various sources of content, moderation capabilities that truly support teams & custom approval workflows, media rights services to manage consent and reuse, A/B & multivariate testing to determine top performing call-to-actions, and deep onsite and offsite conversion metrics including full funnel and purchase analysis from landing to checkout.

An Enterprise CMS for Community Content

Think of Candid as the most versatile CMS (Content Management System) for community content – as the volume of media produced and distributed through social platforms explodes, brands need better tools to discover, monitor, organize and deploy these stories strategically and with consent.

There is a lot of hype within the Social Commerce & Visual Marketing landscape but all use cases relating to Product Detail Pages (PDPs), Community Pages, Testimonials, Sweepstakes, Contests, Social Hubs, Event Walls, Product Reviews and other forms of Visual Storytelling ultimately thrive off of a robust content management platform.

Our Pricing Philosophy

In general, we aim to be the most accessible and transparent platform in our peer group and to deliver maximum value while maintaining a standard of care, responsiveness, and quality that the world's largest brands have come to expect. This is no easy feat and running a platform like this has considerably more costs than you'd imagine, the least of which is the 'high touch' aspect of our on-going support and strategy guidance for brands. Ultimately, your success is our success and we're in this together. If you haven't done so already, please take a minute to review the FAQ on our pricing page which is updated weekly.