Carousels are everywhere! An increasing % of social content now appears in the form of carousels. It's no surprise as a number of studies (here and here) suggest that engagement on these is notably higher than traditional photos or videos. 

For UGC marketers, granular control over how this content is leveraged is critical and the settings below were introduced in 2022-2023 in response to strong demand for better visibility controls.

Collection Level

All carousel media can be collapsed into their cover slide only, via the DisableCarouselMedia collection-level setting. This setting frees moderators from having to act on individual posts and automatically applies to everything (owned, earned and paid promotions).

This value can be adjusted via a support request.

Media Specific

Via the "Carousel Hero" feature that's now available for all assets, you can manually alter the visibility of a carousel and only show a specific slide vs the default ("All"). Published displays will not show any of the other slides or expose any ability to page between them. This setting is only available for collection where DisableCarouselMedia is not turned on.

This value can be adjusted on a post-level by any moderator.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell which posts have the Carousel Hero feature applied to them?

All carousel hero posts will have a carousel_hero placement tag applied to them that you can filter for.

The other definitive way to know if a post has the Carousel Hero feature enabled is to open the Carousel Hero dialog and see if a value other than "All" is selected. The post will otherwise look as it did before and will have its original cover displayed during the moderation process.

How do I view all carousel content we've already published?

There's a direct URL you can navigate to see all published carousel media:


Just replace your collection ID above with the appropriate value. In the same way you can isolate videos:


Or standard images:


What is the difference between selecting "1" and "All"?

Nothing from the perspective of which asset renders first, however selecting "1" will disable the "carousel" icon on the post and will also prevent the pagination controls that typically allow you to see other sides within the carousel.