A Product Tag is associated with the specific product(s) offered. Each of your products will have it’s own product tag on Candid, typically generated from your product feed, that control the shoppable links displayed alongside media and their variations provide alternate call-to-actions. There is no limit for product tags added to a single photo or video.

A Placement Tag is used to group and organize media for specific placement. For example, if you want specific images on your homepage then you would create a placement tag named Homepage that any image you want to showcase there will be tagged with. You can also use placement tags to customize the approval workflow in scenarios where multiple approvals from different stakeholders are required. There is no limit for placement tags added to a single photo.

Both Product and Placement tags can be added to any media in your collection and both are added using the same "Map To" type-ahead box.

There is no limit for tags added to media and you can delete them at anytime.

You may notice both referred to collectively as Mapping Tags on the Candid dashboard and various support guides.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view and manage my Mapping Tags?

The top right of each collection dashboard has a panel dedicated to Mapping Tags. Within that panel there is an Edit Tags option.

How do I create a new Mapping Tag?

Within the Edit Tags interface above, there is a New Tag button on the left side. For Product Tags, all you have to do is paste in the URL of the product and the system will automatically load the thumbnails, id, label and potentially the description field. You can adjust these as needed but be sure to select Save at the bottom.

How can I view all media associated with a particular Product or Placement Tag?

You can drill down and see all associated content simply by clicking on the tag in question.

Can I re-arrange media under each tag so that I can choose the ordering?

Yes, please refer to the custom layouts guide for additional info.

Can I automatically add Placement Tag or Product Tag to incoming media, based on specific publishing rules?

Yes, please contact your account manager to enable this. The most common use-case of this is when the same collection is shared between onsite displays and your Instagram Store. In these cases, brands typically use a Placement Tag ("Instagram") to dictate which media should appear on the store and typically setup a rule such that any content posted from their Instagram account has the Instagram tag automatically added to it.

Can I change the call-to-action text or headline associated with a given product?

Yes, you can make changes at any time using the Edit Tags option on the dashboard; however, if your collection is set to auto-update from a product feed, these changes may be lost in the next update. Any new tags created outside of your product feed will be preserved.

What happens if I change the attributes of a Product Tag that's connected to my feed?

The next time your feed is refreshed, your changes will be lost. However, if you've created any variations for the tag, they will retain their changes across feed updates.