There's a new Instagram API that we're transitioning all customers to, please read this email in full as some steps are required to activate this.

Someone who is either an Editor or Admin on the Facebook business page belonging to your Instagram account needs to connect their Facebook account to Candid.

You can complete the connection here:

...or by using the "Sign In With Facebook" link on your dashboard.

This step is not optional and must be completed before Sept 1, 2018. The old Instagram API is being retired and the new Instagram Graph API (which has more capabilities) can only be accessed through a Facebook login.

In 2019, Facebook will likely re-introduce the Instagram login for the new API but between now and then the login must be an individual account that is either an EDITOR or ADMIN on the business page.

[If after signing in with the Facebook account, you don't immediately see it linked to your existing collection, please allow a few minutes for our team to link the two profiles.]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I signed in with Facebook but it doesn't look like I can access my collection now?

If the Facebook login is completed in a browser where you're not signed into Candid, the profile is not automatically linked to existing collections. Our support team will see verify this login and attach it to any existing collections you may already have. This step is generally completed within 30-60 minutes following your login.

I completed the connection between our Facebook Business Manager and Candid to utilize the new API, but now it looks like I need to redo everything about our account? I'm being asked for a credit card, when I believe we already pay by invoice.  And it seems to have lost the connection to our product feed.  Is this right?  I'm afraid to make any changes that might overwrite existing settings. 

Please see the first answer above. This just means that our support team hasn't linked your new login to the existing collection, please allow a few minutes for this verification step, after which you'll be able to access your existing collections under either login.

Do I have to sign in under a personal account? 

All Facebook permissions work on the basis of real world identities. The permissions we are requesting have nothing to do with your personal Facebook activity or network but only the Instagram and Facebook pages you manage directly or as an agency.

I manage lots of pages, how will you know which one to use for our collection?

The link is established on the basis of the Instagram business account tied to the page. We look at collections you already have on Candid (where you've signed in with Instagram) and link those to Pages that you where you are an EDITOR or ADMIN on Facebook. Once this is established, the new API can work.

How often do we need to sign in with Facebook?

Generally speaking, the login should be valid for a few months and would only require a re-connection if the password changed or Facebook changed the session for security reasons. Once you sign into your collection, a warning will be displayed if you need to re-connect.

Our Candid moderators don't have access to our Facebook business account, what should we do?

The person using Candid each day doesn't need to have the above roles, so long as someone in your organization can complete this step (and any re-connects that may be required throughout the year).

Should we continue so sign in with our Instagram credentials?

Yes, we still recommend using the Instagram login as it's required for some pieces that haven't transitioned to the new API yet. You can also continue to use your email/password based logins as well. Facebook will continue to support the legacy Instagram login well into early 2020.

We have converted our Instagram account to a business account but still can't connect it to our Candid collection?

There is an active Facebook platform defect around this (#177912116363088). While we wait for the improvement to arrive in the long term, as a workaround, you can convert the Instagram business account back to personal account and then convert back to business account either via:

However, please note that media insights will be lost when converting back to personal account. You may want to read and save the media insights before converting.

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