Unfortunately, this is an all too common setup issue and can sometimes be easily resolved by having a different team member who is also an 'Admin' on the Facebook page in question connect to Candid via the "Sign In With Facebook" flow.

What separates this authentication/setup issue from the others is:

a) Candid can access other Instagram business accounts the user controls without issue;

b) Candid can see the user is an 'Admin' on the Facebook page in question, but;

c) Candid cannot access the specific Instagram business account of the page in question (instagram_business_account is missing)

If you are the only team member with the correct access, and you are still receiving this error, there are two possible explanations and workarounds:

1. This can be caused by the provided access token missing instagram_basic permission for the page in question, thus it is unable to retrieve any Instagram related fields. This is related to granular permissions as described in this doc:


People can grant Candid permissions for Pages, Groups, and business assets they manage at the individual level. For example, someone who manages several Pages, may grant Candid permission for only a particular page or for only some Pages.

To check this, the user can go to their Facebook settings and click on 'View and edit' for the Candid app:

Alternatively, another way to obtain the permissions is for user to reinstall Candid and to make sure to give permission for all of pages (or at least the pages you want to have Candid be able to access). To do this, navigate to the "View and edit" popup linked to above, select "REMOVE THIS APP" and proceed to the "Sign In With Facebook" flow again:

2. If the above does not work there is a secondary workaround that will most likely resolve the issue. You can convert the Instagram business account to a personal account and then convert back to a business account on Facebook.

Some teams have reported that this has successfully resolved the issue for them:

  • Using the Instagram app on a mobile device, convert your Instagram business account to a personal account
  • After it has been converted, log in to Facebook on a computer and convert your personal account to business account (Page Settings → Instagram → Switch to a Business Profile)
  • Proceed to the "Sign In With Facebook" flow again

Please refer to the following help center article for more information: https://help.instagram.com/399237934150902

Still Having Problems Connecting Your Instagram Business Profile?

Please try the precise steps below:

  • Open the Facebook Page associated with your Instagram Business Profile. You can find your Facebook page here - https://www.facebook.com/<account>/pages
  • Go to the Settings tab and click on the Instagram option. You will find the details of your connected Instagram account
  • Check if there is any Review Account Connection warning
  • Just click on the Review Connection button and follow the steps to complete the review process

Once completed, try connecting your Instagram Business profile to Candid again. The Review Connection step should look something like this (screenshot from Nov 2021):

If you have checked all these settings and are still experiencing difficulties with connecting profiles to Candid, please contact support and let us know exactly what you've tried.