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Duplicate Content in Pending Queue (of Candid Social CMS)

After you've activated the new Instagram Graph API by connecting your Facebook account, you may start to notice duplicate content in your Pending queue.

This is to be expected as there are two independent data streams coming in while Facebook upgrades these APIs:

  • The new Instagram API (backed by the Facebook login) is bringing in all content where your brand was mentioned or photo tagged (you can use the two red icons next to your account stream to view just this content.
  • The old Instagram API (backed by the Instagram login) is bringing in all content where your brand hashtag was used. You can click on the hashtag stream to view only this content.

Unfortunately when viewing all posts in the Pending queue (without using one of the above filters), if the post includes both the branded hashtag and the brand account mention, duplicates do appear. We're working on remedying this and expect the problem to be fully eliminated before November of this year (once the Instagram Graph API evolves so support hashtag monitoring).

Ordering Issues

In addition to duplication, the sequencing of posts is also impacted as the new Instagram API does not include the timestamp on posts were you were mentioned or photo tagged, and so we have to generate our own timestamp on the basis of when Candid first saw that post. At the moment, any subsequent activity on that posts updates its timestamp and causes it to appear in the front of the queue.