URL-based Attribution for Specific Displays

You can now vary the UTM parameters (or any other URL-based tracking parameter) by Placement Tag:


Previously these were global in nature, meaning the UTM parameters for all on-site displays were the same and were set at the collection level rather than at the Placement Tag level. With this change, you can now track sales from your homepage display separately from sales from your community wall or PDP displays.

Many teams were previously using the click handler to vary the URL parameters for a specific display:

click: function(data, tag) {
    this.href += "?icn=Candid_Homepage&ici&id=" + tag.TagId;

You can still continue to do that if you prefer but for teams that don't want to make JavaScript changes, we can now deploy custom URL parameters for a specific display all via a support ticket and the changes will appear automatically on your site.

This feature works for both Widget and Wall plugins, and works for either a single tag displays (e.g. tag:'homepage') or multiple tag displays (e.g. tag:'homepage,best_of,2018contest'). For any unique tag value, you can now specify different product URL parameters! 

Tracking Individual SKUs

This has been a source of confusion that's worth clearing up here. When you specify URL parameters such as cmpid=ig2018candid, you can also inject the product ID into values, so that your your configuration looks like cmpid=ig2018candid-{{ Tag.TagId }} and when rendering a link for a specific product, it would then appear as cmpid=ig2018candid-A8010068.

All URL parameters, whether at the global collection level, or for an individual placement tag, have to be specified via a support ticket. There is no client facing UI for these changes.